Columbus is the state capital and most populated city in Ohio. With its central location in the heart of the American Midwest, it still remains an open-minded environment of unique culture, institutions and entertainment, and has a large ammount of diversity in its economy. With a lower cost of living than many of the other metros in America, the entire region can boast a high standard of livibility and a rapidly growing number of opportunities for employment.It is also one of the fastest growing major metropolitan areas in the country, with a strong focus on defense and aviation, education, health care, medical research and technology, and is the location of the Battelle Memorial Institute, the world’s largest private development foundation and research for applied science. Because of this, it is an attractive location to many of the more creative and intelligent minds around the world, matched by its nationally acclaimed arts scene and a vibrancy nourished by its youthful workforce and its above-average principles of education.Primarily due to its cultural diversification, there are numerous annual events in Columbus Ohio. During the Summer months, there are festivals held every weekend and in Winter, light displays set the city aglow. However, perhaps the most popular of these is the Ohio State Fair.

It is easily one of the largest state fairs in the United States of America and is held during later July through to early August, contributing approximately $68 million dollars every year to Ohio’s economy. First held in 1850, it covers more than 100 acres of gorgeous land beside the Columbus railroad at the Ohio Expo Center and State Fairgrounds and contains over 240 shopping vendors. Running for twelve full days, there are new headliners each night and musical performers host a series of concerts, with free entertainment held regulary at each of the outdoor stages before the big shows. Also, despite its massive size, there is a shuttle bus service that provides transport around the perimeter of the grounds and to the carpark facilities, making getting around easy.

There is also the Arnold Sports Festival. Named after Arnold Schwarzenegger and established in 1989, it is an annual multi-sporting event that consists of professional bodybuilding, known as the Arnold Classic, strongman athletics, called the Arnold Strongman Classic, fitness, figure and bikini international tournaments. A remunerative sporting competitive, the ASF provides a large number of prizes to its champions, one of the most prominent being a $130 000 check, an Ademars Piguet watch and a brand new Hummer vehicle as first prizes in the bodybuidling event. There is also the all-star cheerleading event, which spans a two-day period, and consists of an average of over four thousand competitors. Each team of around fifteen to thirty cheerleaders perform a routine and are scored by a judging panel, with each judge being an expert in one particular field of the sport, such as jumping, stunting, ect…

Other annual events in Columbus Ohio include the Rock on the Range music festival, Columbus Asian Festival, Creekside Blues and Jazz, and the Red, White and BOOM! show on the Independence Day weekend. It also hosts its own Oktoverfest, Country Living Fair and Fashion Week, where the best local designers display their new works on the runway.

With its central location, diverse culture and unique economy, Columbus is a city unlike any other. Whether you are touring the states or simply looking for a new place to live and settle down, this is a place that should easily be at the top of the list.