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The Dormar HVAC Blog

October 2018

Home Heating Tips to Maximize the Life of Your Furnace

Your Filters Are Important Make Sure You Clean Your Furnace Regularly Regular Vent and Ductwork Inspection Check The Thermostat Routine Inspection and Preventive Maintenance A new furnace can cost a lot of money, and it [...]

February 2018

Why You Should Routinely Change Home Air Filters

Air filters are an important part of an HVAC system. However, they are often under-appreciated. They provide protection against larger objects, such as loose insulation. Air filters also screen out dust that can circulate through [...]

January 2018

5 Reasons to Get an AC Inspection

An A/C inspection does not just result in a longer-lasting air conditioning unit. Getting your air conditioning inspected can also improve energy efficiency, which can save money on your utility bills. By contrast, getting your [...]

Is Your Home HVAC System Wasting Energy?

Having central heating and air conditioning has made our lives better; however, you should be careful and regularly check it, because, despite the reliable flow of temperature controlled air, you might be suffering from an [...]

December 2017

Furnace Problems To Be Aware of This Winter

At Dor-Mar Heating and Air Conditioning we understand a furnace becomes the most important appliance in a household during an Ohio winter. With sub zero temperatures, a furnace is essential in maintaining warmth for the home. [...]

Is Your Heat Pump Operating at Max Effectiveness

In order to enjoy the comfort of a warm house, it is essential to ensure that your heat pump operates at optimum efficiency. Thus, it is always prudent to regularly check your heat pump and [...]

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